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Economics is a vital part of the curriculum at the Colorado School of Mines. It may seem surprising that economics matters at a university focused on engineering; however, economists and engineers care about many of the same questions. What is the best way to solve a problem? How can we do things more efficiently? How can we optimize the way we make and distribute goods and services?

Students at Mines have a number of options for integrating economics into their studies. These options range from a single required core course, Principles of Economics, to a B.S. degree in Economics. Students may take more economics and businesses classes as electives, pursue a Minor in Economics and Business or add an economics degree to their degree in engineering, mathematics or applied science.

Earth, Energy, Environment and Engineering

Economics at Mines - A Unique Focus

Economics at Mines has a unique focus on the key interests of the Colorado School of Mines:  Earth, Energy and the Environment. Our faculty includes experts in the economics of minerals, traditional and renewable energy markets, and environmental economics.

We offer classes on the economics of energy, environment and natural resources to help all Mines students understand the business and regulatory context of these markets. We also offer a B.S. in Economics with a Specialization in Energy and Environmental Economics for students who want to maximize their knowledge and skills in these critical areas.

We also offer other undergraduate courses that provide important tools and topics tailored for engineering students:  engineering economics, optimization modeling and the economics of technology.

More information

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